Emotiva Airmotiv X Series Speakers

Emotiva Airmotiv X Series Speakers

Emotiva Airmotiv X Series Speakers

Emotiva Debuts Versatile Airmotiv X Speaker Series

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE – on Monday – Audio specialists Emotiva, based in Tennessee, USA, have unveiled their new Airmotiv X acoustic series. This comprehensive lineup offers eight models designed to deliver exceptional sonic performance in a variety of home audio setups.

A key feature across the entire Airmotiv X series is the 1 x 1.25-inch Folded-Ribbon tweeter, ensuring crisp high-frequency detail. The woofers and midrange drivers boast a "woven" composite material and a long-throw design for smooth, powerful response across the frequency range.

The series includes:

Three Floorstanding Models: Xt3, Xt2, and Xt1 (all three-way designs)
Three Center Channel Systems: Xc3, Xc2, and Xc1
One Bookshelf Model: Xb2
One Wall-Mountable Surround Speaker: Xa2
The flagship Xt3 floorstander boasts dual 5.25-inch midrange drivers and a trio of 8-inch woofers, delivering a deep low-frequency limit of 30 Hz (±3 dB). The Xt2 offers a similar configuration with slightly smaller drivers, while the Xt1 simplifies the design for a more compact footprint.

Emotiva's three center channel offerings mirror the floorstanding models in design philosophy for seamless integration into home theater setups. All center channels feature rotatable tweeters for optimal placement flexibility.

The two-way Xb2 bookshelf speaker is suitable for both vertical and horizontal use, while the Xa2 provides a wall-mountable solution for surround sound applications.

Pricing (US)

Xt3: $2,000 per pair
Xt2: $1,300 per pair
Xt1: $1,000 per pair
Xc3: $900
Xc2: $600
Xc1: $400
Xb2: $500 per pair
Xa2: $400 per pair

The Emotiva Airmotiv X series is available now through authorized dealers and the Emotiva website.

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About Emotiva
Emotiva is an American audio company that delivers high-performance audio equipment at surprisingly affordable prices. They are known for their powerful amplifiers, versatile preamps, and well-regarded speakers, all designed to offer audiophile-grade sound without breaking the bank.

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