From Whisper to Earthquake Experience the Full Spectrum with Wilson Audio's Surround System

From Whisper to Earthquake: Experience the Full Spectrum with Wilson Audio's Surround System

From Whisper to Earthquake Experience the Full Spectrum with Wilson Audio's Surround System


Wilson Audio introduced a series of surround sound speakers consisting of Alida CSC satellites, Mezzo CSC and WASAE center channels and a Submerge subwoofer.

The design of all new products allows you to immediately understand that this is Wilson AudioBut this is especially true of the Mezzo CSC (200lbs) center channel, which features the company's proprietary Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) rear wave chamber technology. With it, Wilson Audio promises "expanded high-frequency detail, impeccable linearity and lush harmonic detail." A fully customizable tweeter module allows you to adapt the sound of the system and compensate for its spatial position according to the installation height.

The Mezzo CSC, weighing 90, features a pair of 8-inch woofers flanking a 7-inch QuadraMag Alnico midrange driver borrowed from the Chronosonic XVX. It is mounted on an S-material panel, and the bass drivers are mounted on a 27mm thick 6061 aluminum plate.

Another center channel in the series, the Wilson Audio Special Applications Engineering (WASAE) system uses a combination of X-Material and S-Material for "phenomenal vibration control and industry-leading stabilization." On the front panel in the center there is an inch Convergent Synergy MK5 tweeter from the WAMM Master Chronosonic model, and on the sides there are a pair of 146 mm midrange drivers, which can be heard in the Alexx V, SabrinaX models and the wall-mounted Alida CSC (below). The WASAE crossover uses proprietary new AudioCapX-WA capacitors, and the internal V-Cable wiring is also from Wilson Audio.

Wilson Audio Alida CSC systems are capable, according to the manufacturer, of playing the range “below 40 Hz” with dimensions of 65.58 x 45.72 x 60.43 cm (HxWxD). They also feature branded crossovers. Wilson Audio V material is used in the design of the cabinets. The set of speakers is the same as in the WAMM model, but the midrange driver is used in a single copy.

The list is completed by the Submerge active subwoofer. It's built around a 12-inch dual-bottom woofer and features a 1,600-watt amplifier driven by what Wilson Audio calls a sophisticated DSP (which can be bypassed), calibrated for "perfect acoustic interaction between driver and cabinet volume." . All this is housed in an X-Material housing. The controls are located on a milled plate at the front of the housing. Adjustable gain, delay (phase), ELF trim and LP frequency.

All of these new products are already available, except for the Submerge subwoofer, which will be released in March 2024.

In the UK, prices for Wilson Audio surround speakers are: Alida CSC £19,000 per pair, Mezzo CSC £23,000, WASAE £10,500 and Submerge £32,000.

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