Kyron Gaia - Evolution: Redefining Luxury Audio with Boxless Elegance

Kyron Gaia

Kyron Gaia - Evolution: Redefining Luxury Audio with Boxless Elegance

The renowned Australian audio brand, Kyron, has recently unveiled the second iteration of its groundbreaking Gaia home speaker system, aptly named Gaia - Evolution. This remarkable audio system continues to embrace the distinctive boxless design that has earned it accolades in the past.

The Gaia - Evolution boasts a pair of exclusive Kyron Mercury subwoofers, each accompanied by its own robust Danish amplifier capable of delivering an impressive 2,500W of power per amplifier. What sets this system apart is its continued commitment to the boxless design philosophy, ensuring that its 14 twelve-inch woofers offer a sound experience free from any unwanted coloration or loss of clarity that often plagues traditional speaker cabinets.

Taking a step forward in technology, the preamp of the Gaia - Evolution is now twice as powerful in terms of digital signal processing compared to its predecessor. This enhancement allows for more computational power, especially when applying Kyron's advanced algorithms for phase and frequency response correction.

Kyron Gaia boxless speakers

Additional features include a newly designed tweeter waveguide and primary amplifiers that incorporate technology from the Dutch company Hypex. This integration further contributes to the audio system's exceptional performance.

Leon Suter, the chief systems architect and co-founder of Kyron, expressed the brand's vision, stating, "We designed Gaia to be the most accurate and musically satisfying system on the planet. Gaia creates a completely new class of sound system, where startling 3D, holographic sound meets luxurious and harmonious style."

Each Gaia system is meticulously tailored to the customer's preferences and the specific space it will occupy. This includes the installation and tuning process, which Kyron provides as part of the package. Furthermore, the Gaia doesn't just excel in audio quality; it also serves as a visual masterpiece with luxurious touches like Italian leather and real gold highlights. It's designed to be both an auditory delight and a showpiece.

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Customers can expect the same level of custom care and attention to detail offered with the original Gaia. This includes a choice of finishes such as Nappa leathers, Alcantara, precious metals, and custom paint options, ensuring that each Gaia - Evolution is a unique and personalized work of art.

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