Sony acquires Audeze

Sony acquires Audeze

 The news that Sony's Interactive Entertainment arm of Sony's games and Playstation brand now includes the Audeze brand means, above all, improved sound for gamers. It may seem that the Audeze team has been preparing for the merger for a long time: not without reason at different times the brand has appeared gaming headsets, such as LCD-GX , Penrose and Maxwell .

Moreover, Sony Interactive Entertainment has already announced the Pulse Explore magnetic planar gaming headphones and the Pulse Elite headset. It has already been confirmed that Audeze participated in their creation. So, in part, the entry of Audeze into Sony Interactive Entertainment is a fact that has not happened today. Audeze's participation in the creation of "exclusive products under the Playstation brand" has already been announced.

On the other hand, one cannot ignore the love of audiophiles for planar models Audeze LCD-2, LCD-i4, CRBN Electrostatic electrostats and many others. So Sony's management has promised its acquisition a serious share of independence with the ability to create including multi-platform products.

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