svs sb vs pb

svs sb vs pb

svs sb vs pb

The SVS SB-2000 is a perfect cube, with each side measuring 36 cm. Difficult to make more compact when you know that it embeds a woofer of 305 millimeters in diameter - as well as all the electronics, of course. The cone of this loudspeaker is made of aluminium, therefore very rigid. It is maintained in its deflections by a rubber suspension. SVS does not communicate on the maximum value of this deflection. The vented dual motor works in concert with a 50mm voice coil.

The amplifier is often a class D module, which is more efficient without taking up a lot of space in the box. The advertised power is 500 watts RMS, which can go up to 1100 watts peak. This amplification is associated with a DSP which processes the incoming audio signal in order to adapt it continuously to the capacities of the woofer. The idea here is to obtain an always qualitative rendering, while avoiding saturation and distortion. The DSP is integrated into the amplification and it works autonomously according to the settings of SVS. It is not a user accessible or configurable element.

SVS offers the SB-2000 in two common finishes: a black vinyl wood veneer or a glossy black paint. The lacquered version causes a surplus of 100 €. There is also a white lacquered limited series. The grid is delivered in the box. It is entirely in metal, a little offset from the front once in place.

The necessary settings are there with three potentiometers for volume, cutoff frequency (50 to 160 Hz) and adjustable phase from 0 to 180°. There is also a switch for continuous operation or on detection of an audio signal. In the absence of a signal, the subwoofer goes into eco standby where it then consumes less than 0.5 watts. A mini-jack trigger input accepts a voltage between 3 and 12 V. This is ideal for switching on the subwoofer together with the home cinema amplifier, if it is equipped with a trigger output.svs sb vs pb,svs subwoofer,svs,

On the connection side, the stereo input on RCA plugs also acts as a mono LFE input. In this case, only the input corresponding to the right channel must be used. Just above, an RCA stereo output is intended for HiFi use. It is high pass filtered at 80 Hz in a fixed way.svs sb vs pb,svs subwoofer,svs,

The SVS SB-2000 is the ideal subwoofer for home cinema under 1000 €. Everything he delivers is always very clean, dynamic and punchy when needed. It is his trademark. Without ever giving the impression of forcing or stalking, he knocks on the shots and the explosions. On musical programs, the kick of the bass drum is there, SVS masters its subject. Despite an announced low frequency of 19 Hz, we felt a little lacking in the infrabass compared to what other subwoofers installed in exactly the same test configuration provide. Depending on your room, your configuration and your expectations, you will surely be able to compensate for this lack with the PB-2000 version with vents.

In conclusion

The SVS SB-2000 is a versatile subwoofer. Intended for home cinema above all, it does pretty well also in high fidelity. Always playful, it will be able to reproduce all this range of frequencies inaccessible to most speakers. If you are looking for the subwoofer that can make bass that hits hard and doesn't lag, then the SB-2000 is an excellent candidate. Quite compact and very well finished, it is an excellent compromise for all situations. To do better, the budget will have to be increased.

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