top 5 audio editor


top 5 audio editor

Top 5 audio editor

An audio editor is a software for creating and organizing sounds, outputting them to a playable format. Such programs are in demand for recording music tracks and films.

The editor can be accessed online through a browser or released as a program for a computer or smartphone.


License type: paid, from $20.99/month, there is a trial version

Platform: Windows, macOS

The Adobe ® brand needs no introduction. A recognizable interface that can be customized, an incredible range of tools, and support for almost all known formats. This is professional software used by recording studios, production companies, TV channels, and radio stations. The voice you hear offscreen in documentaries is often read through Adobe ® AuditionIn the program, you can do all the stages of working with sound, from recording to the final stages of post-production. In addition to the extensive library of filters and effects available by default, additional ones can be purchased from the built-in store. Adobe® Audition® Interface _can be called intuitive, but to master it, you will have to tinker: a program with great features always a lot of buttons and a lot of panels. What's what can be figured out by typing or video tutorials. The pleasure is not cheap, but you can evaluate the trial version for free - they give you a whole month.

Pros :

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Support for external plugins.
  • Cloud sync.
  • Compatible with any external recording equipment.


  • The editor is demanding computer hardware.
  • You can not buy a perpetual license, only pay for a subscription.

To learn more about what features the fresh Adobe ® Audition ® has, read the link below.


License type: paid, there is a 30-day trial period

Platform: Windows, macOS

For a long time, this program was known as a simple and understandable editor with modest features, which were quite enough for the everyday needs of musicians. However, the software has greatly improved over the last few updates. Now both the standard and premium versions offer quite a professional set of tools for the job. Process audio, cut, remove noise, overlay one music track on another, play with effects - all this in Acoustica can be done without any special knowledge of the nuances of sound engineering. VST, VST3 and AU plugins are supported. The software can be used on both Windows and Mac. The premium license is not cheap, but apparently worth it: the Acoustica 7 Premium won the Audiofanzine award for "Best Value for Money".

Pros :

  • An almost complete set of functions without restrictions is available in the trial version.
  • Multiplatform - the program is available on both top operating systems.


  • The overloaded interface that takes some getting used to.
  • It is impossible to customize the workspace for yourself, you have to get used to the ready-made layout of controls.

FL Studio

License type : paid - from $ 99, there is a trial version

Platform: Windows

FL is short for Fruity Loops. The creators of the program position it as a computer music production environment in the form of a portable sound recording station. Many popular performers speak flatteringly about the software. More than 80 plug-ins and a huge number of effects are available in the producer version of the program. In this modification, you can carry out any complex operations with the equalizer, sound compression, speech synthesizer, and other built-in tools. Naturally, the entire standard set of tools for processing, connecting, and mixing tracks is also present. The specificity of the FL Studio software is a library of sounds of regional instruments and cultures, so the beat of African drums here can be quite combined with the pipe of the American Indians. There is a trial version.

Pros :

  • Own a library of plug-ins and samples for creating music.
  • Lots of supported third-party tools.
  • Versatility: Suitable for recording, mixing, and mastering.

Cons :

  • The program is very resource intensive.
  • The interface is dense enough, beginners are usually lost among the variety of buttons.

Read more about the pros and cons of the FL Studio editor in the article at the link below.

Amadeus Pro

License type : paid - $59.99

Platform: macOS

The creators of the program, without false modesty, call it the "Swiss knife" among audio editors. This is a really powerful software with which it is convenient to record and edit music. Support for multitrack mode, built-in noise and interference suppression, a wide range of tools for working with sound and support for various formats: Wave, AIFF, MP4, M4A, QuickTime, FLAC, MP2, ACC, Apple Lossless. Perhaps the main drawback of the program is that it is only available for Mac OS X as an application in the iTunes Store. But the interface is really very user-friendly.

Pros :

  • A complete set of options for basic and semi-professional audio editing in one interface.
  • Large library of effects.
  • "Smart" features for noise reduction and overall improvement of the track quality.

Cons :

  • It is not possible to extend the functionality with external plugins.
  • Exports uncompressed formats slowly.


License type: paid and free subscriptions, paid - from $1.99/month

Platform: multiplatform

This is not an audio editor, but an entire online platform for sharing music content. Producers, musicians, and their listeners from all over the world meet here. If you really have talent, there is a good chance that sooner or later you will be noticed. But even if you do not win a Grammy, you will definitely gather an audience of fans here. The built-in editor is available for both free and paid accounts, but the range of tools in them differs. Paid subscribers are offered more effects and filters. In all versions, you can record, edit and mix music tracks, and then share them on your page.

Pros :

  • Works in any browser, regardless of the operating system used.
  • Supports the exchange of tracks within the platform, as in a social network.

Cons :

  • Much fewer opportunities for working with sound, in comparison with desktop offline programs.

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