tik tok viral shorts

tik tok viral shorts

tik tok viral shorts

Every tiktoker dreams of generating viral videos that will spread themselves. Viral content is highly engagedIt collects thousands of likes/comments and reposts, taking the blogger to the next level. There is, of course, an element of luck. However, most viral videos are still created with a clear study of the topic, plot, images, and other important components.

In this article, we will analyze the features of viral content, as well as topics that are most often in demand among Tik Tok users. In addition, you will receive step-by-step instructions for creating a viral video.

What you need to know about tik tok viral shorts

Before creating a viral video, it is important to clearly understand its features. 90% of success here depends directly on the content, which must be catchy and exciting. The task of any blogger or business is to make the clip so interesting that it is popular with viewers. For this, the video should be understandable to a large number of users and evoke vivid emotions (for example, laughter, nostalgia, indignation).

Catalysts for the tik tok viral shorts effect:

  • Make a funny or touching video with which users will want to share their feelings with loved ones. It can be a beautiful macro photograph of flowers or a song sung to the guitar.
  • Create provocative content that can generate numerous discussions. Choose a controversial topic, such as "Should I move to another country?", "Why I don't want to have children."
  • Share useful videos for many viewers. It can be "Effective Exercises for Weight Loss", or "Delicious Mulled Wine Recipe".
  • Post a video on the topic of the day. Track the latest news and shoot the reaction to them.
  • Surprise people with your video. Tell or show viewers something amazing to make them want to leave a comment and repost.

Recipes for creatives Tik Tok viral shorts

Let's look at the topics and formats that are most suitable for viral content.

Interesting possibilities of people

It can be either an entertainment video or an advertising integrationGood examples include a person juggling candy, throwing business cards, or playing an unusual musical instrument.

sports tricks

Performing non-trivial extreme tricks is exactly what will surely interest the young Tik Tok audience. In this case, you can do without scenario frills. The main thing is to shoot a high-quality video from the right angles and choose the right image and music.


A child in the frame can perform a dance or a popular song, or parody a scene from a cartoon or TV series. Videos in which children perform any “adult” actions look pretty funny. For example dyeing eyelashes, going to work, and preparing dinner for the family.


This is another win-win option that opens up new horizons for creativity. You can make a video of a tiger or zebra at the zoo, come up with a monologue on behalf of your dog, or just show a yawning cat. In any case, videos with animals in the frame have a high chance of becoming viral.


You can create a duet or use the Stitch feature to counterargue a video made by another tiktoker. An alternative is to create a video debunking a popular myth about your topic. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, post a video titled "Hair Shouldn't be Washed Every Day: True or False?".

Cases from life

The task of a TikTok is to show ridiculous situations or interesting moments from life. It can be both improvisation and scripted videos. The point is for the audience to recognize themselves or their friends and relatives in the characters.


It is not only about chemical experiments, but also about social experiments. Now in TikTok, a lot of likes and comments are gaining videos about a certain life situation and demonstrating the reaction of others. For example, when a person desperately asks for help or behaves strangely on the street.

How to create tik tok viral shorts.

Now consider a step-by-step plan for shooting a viral video.

  • Make a plan. Decide why and for what audience you want to shoot your video. Your goal may be to attract new subscribers, increase loyalty or increase sales. After that, analyze the target audience: what is relevant to it, and what triggers should be used. In the future, the theme, presentation, and script are chosen precisely with this plan in mind.
  • Write a script. It should include a catchy opening, plot development, and a surprise/impressive ending. When developing a script, ask yourself the following questions: “Why will they want to watch my video to the end?”, “What will make users repost, and leave a comment?”. Focus on your target audience, shock, surprise, and impress. Ideally, try to convey a certain message to the audience.
  • Take a video. Take care of a suitable location, background, and necessary accessories for the implementation. It is equally important to find quality equipment: camera, tripod, lighting, and lavalier microphone. For an interesting change of angles, you will most likely need an assistant.
  • Post content. If necessary, add popular music to the video that will convey the mood of the content, and use trending effects and filters. Add relevant hashtags and a description to your video, such as a call to action or a question.

Instead of a conclusion

Viral content is your chance to get new viewers and increase the activity of existing subscribers. We recommend that you carefully consider all the nuances described in today's article: choose a popular topic and format, take into account the target audience, write a script, and prepare equipment and props for shooting. Then your chances of making the video viral will increase many times over!

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