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What is a Nearshore Dev Center?

A Nearshore Development Center is a dedicated technology team that shares a similar time zone or region to your company’s headquarters, operating as a subsidiary and working from dedicated facilities. Nearshoring combines the best traits of Onshore and Offshore Software Development by giving you immediate and cost-efficient access to expert software engineers.

Why Nearshore Software Development can be an excellent solution to your business

Many businesses nowadays are turning to nearshore software development as a way to outsource their IT needs. It doesn’t come as surprise as a nearshore software development company can offer the same services as a local company – but at a fraction of the price. 

This simply is a great solution for your business for many reasons, and we will talk about just a few of them here.

What is nearshore software development?
Let’s start with the basics – what nearshore software development is and why you should bother. 

Nearshore software development is the outsourcing of software development tasks to a company located in a different country, but close enough to be considered “near” the original company.

Though there isn’t a definite mileage for how far away the two countries must be, it’s probably safe to assume that they are on the same continent.

Top Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing Companies


Our services include business analysis & consulting, UX/UI design, mobile app, web and IoT development, and post-launch support. We also offer a discovery phase in case your app idea is still at a very basic stage.

We'll be glad to help you with the creation of new apps. If you have any questions – feel free to contact us:


Dev.Pro in Numbers: 
900+ Highly Skilled Specialists
10 Years of Reliable Service
90% Repeat/Referral Business

Result-driven. Quality-obsessed. Dev.Pro builds teams that deliver a custom software development experience to meet any skillset, complexity, or scale.
With a carefully curated staff of more than 900 highly skilled specialists, Dev.Pro offers a wide range of technical expertise including: Software Development, Cloud, DevOps, UI/UX Design, System Integration, Reporting/Analytics, and Manual/Automation Testing. Dev.Pro is a globally distributed company operating in 50+ countries spread across 5 continents.

With over a decade of delivering technology solutions to Start-Ups and Fortune 500s alike, Dev.Pros software engineers have accumulated invaluable expertise in major domains like FinTech, Education, RestaurantTech, SaaS, Retail, Healthcare, & Blockchain.

Dev.Pro engages with clients in a transparent and collaborative manner, offering daily, real-time interactions and full visibility into progress and deliverables. We often refer to our clients as partners. When the partnership is done right, it is tough to see where the client team starts/stops and the Dev.Pro team begins. We work together as a single unit with a common goal and shared definition of success.

Dev.Pro Capabilities:
Cloud Computing
Enterprise Software Development
QA and Testing
Reporting and Analytics
System Integration
Digital Transformation
Digital Commerce

Dev.Pro information security management corresponds to ISO 27001.
Contact Dev.Pro to learn how our team can help your business grow.


ELEKS helps clients transform their businesses digitally by providing expert software engineering and consultancy services.

We deliver high tech innovations to Fortune 500 companies, big enterprises and technology challengers, improving the ways they work and boosting the value they create for the modern world.

Our 2000 professionals located in the Delivery Centers across Eastern Europe and sales offices in Europe, the US and Japan, provide our clients with a full range of software services. These include dedicated teams, product development, R&D and technology consulting.

Featured services and areas of expertise:
Full-Cycle Custom Software and Application Development
Product Design
Data Science
DevOps Services
Capacity Services and Smart Teams
Blockchain Solutions
Cyber Security Services
PoC Development and Feasibility Study

Company facts:
Top 100 Global outsourcing company
69 Net Promoter Score
700+ end-to-end projects delivered
In business since 1991
About 2000 employees as of April 2022


We are a digital product engineering and IT talent solutions company that aims to solve complex software engineering problems. We have helped organizations ranging from Startups that went public to Fortune 500 companies and WHO-backed NGOs. Since 2010, our team of 1000+ experts has helped businesses elevate their value through our engineering services. 

Simform helps companies become innovation leaders by delivering software solutions. 

We help you - choose the right technologies to invest in, decide on the best architecture and processes to follow, and oversee the successful delivery of their software projects.


Digital Product Engineering
Product engineering
Performance engineering and testing
Application modernization
Software development services
Digital experience design
Blockchain engineering
Cloud Native Engineering
Cloud native development
DevOps Engineering
Data Engineering
Technology Practices
Project strategy
Process management
Technology partnerships
Software testing


BairesDev is an industry-leading staff augmentation and software outsourcing company helping technology leaders from companies of all sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - deliver their tech roadmap on time and within budget.

Our pool of over 4,000 senior developers and software professionals has a strong track record of delivering groundbreaking projects for companies of all sizes like Google and Rolls-Royce. Having partnered with over 500 companies, we have consistently maintained an average client satisfaction rating of 9.1 out of 10. 

We offer three different engagement models tailored to your unique requirements.
Staff Augmentation: our software developers work within your existing teams, usually within days.
Software Development Teams: our software team becomes part of your organization, usually in weeks.
Software Development Outsourcing: hands-off, custom software development delivered by us, without the overhead. 
Companies from all industries rely on us for unwavering dependability and speed. We can help you quickly add software developers to your internal teams in days, or assemble an entire software team to integrate with your company in weeks. 

Our software developers represent the top 1% of the tech industry, speak English fluently, and are aligned with your time zone. The 1 million+ applications we receive each year are put through a rigorous screening process that includes testing for technical, logical, and soft skills to ensure that we only hire the very best in the industry. Our clients have a profound appreciation for our commitment to helping achieve their goals and our unwavering reputation for going above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

Schedule a call and see how we can help you achieve your roadmap. Whatever your goals are, we are ready to bring our deep expertise to help you and your teams.

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