In March, Apple stopped delivering products to Russia - this also affected Macbooks.

In official stores, the cheapest model costs 149,000  R. Macbooks used to be expensive, but now the price may seem too high. Therefore, it makes sense to look at the secondary market, where there are still enough offers at more affordable prices

We studied the offers on Avito and, based on our experience in using Apple technology, compiled a selection of MacBooks that you should pay attention to on the secondary market. The list includes models no older than 2015: earlier devices are already outdated and may not be suitable for some tasks. In addition, support for many models from earlier years has already ended, and the components inside may have worn out.

Also, the latest generations were not included in the list: they are too expensive, and there are problems with deliveries to the country - there are also few of them on the secondary market. Therefore, we limited ourselves to MacBooks until 2020 and compiled a selection for different purposes: for study and office work, more serious tasks or professional use.

When preparing the material, we took into account the number of offers and deliberately did not include very rare models that are difficult to buy from the hands. Costs are significant for the Moscow locale.

How to choose a Macbook

Decide why you need a MacBook: for writing texts and working with documents, mastering a creative profession, working with graphics or consuming content. The answer to this question depends on which model and in what price category will suit you.

Find out about the wear and tear of the device. It is worth paying attention to the known shortcomings of the model, the deterioration of components, such as the battery. It is better to clarify with the previous owner whether individual parts were repaired or replaced. All this can become an argument in order to refuse a purchase or ask to reduce the price.

The test of time is one of the main advantages of buying devices from your hands: you can read about the weaknesses of a particular model. For example, butterfly-type keyboards break more often than others, and for 2017 models, the screen cable quickly wears out. Sometimes you can ask for a free replacement even after purchase: the problematic keyboard will be repaired.

Refine specifications. It is always important to check not only the appearance, but also the characteristics on the device itself. Under the guise of a top model, the seller may well offer a minimal package with weaker characteristics. To be sure, you need to turn on the device, click on the button with the Apple logo and select "About this Mac".

In the same menu, you can check the degree of deterioration of some components, including the battery. To do this, click "Framework Report" and select "Power Choices".The utility will show the current battery capacity and the number of recharge cycles - this is the key parameter that they are guided by to replace it. Under normal conditions, it is recommended to change the battery after 1000 charge-discharge cycles.


Macbook 12 inch, 2015

How much it costs from hands: from 27,000  R
Who will suit: students, copywriters, as well as lovers of thin and light laptops. Only suitable for basic document work and web surfing.

The 12-inch MacBook is the most compact in the history of the brand: it is a device weighing 907 grams and slightly smaller than an A4 sheet. It combines portability and the "desktop" operating system macOS. Powered by dual-core Intel Core M processor with a low frequency of 1.2GHz. He can do only basic tasks, but he consumes less energy and does not heat up so much. This made it possible to save the laptop from active cooling and fan noise. And also - to make it thinner, lighter and better protected from dust.

The 12-inch MacBook was the first to introduce the problematic first-generation butterfly keyboard.This is one of Apple's most controversial decisions in laptops. Due to the imperfection of the design, any tiny debris - say, a grain of sugar - could disable individual keys. Because of this , the keyboard had to be replaced: it is tightly connected to the case, so the company changed the entire lower part.

In the case of a purchase, it should be borne in mind that the laptop could have repeatedly fallen under the free or paid replacement of the keyboard. In addition, the “butterfly” has a low key travel - they rise slightly from the body, so you will have to get used to typing on it.

The 12-inch MacBook is equipped with a Retina display with a high resolution of 2304 × 1440 pixels. This is no surprise to owners of the latest MacBooks, but such a screen wins even over some later models like the 2017 Air.

One of the features of the MacBook 12, for which it is often scolded, is the only USB-C port , so you won’t be able to charge and work with records on a glimmer drive simultaneously. To do this, you will need a splitter for additional money. Or, alternatively, store files in the cloud.

Alternative. In 2017, Apple updated the model, improving the “butterfly”: the keyboard became less likely to break and turned out to be more responsive. Also, the laptop was equipped with more powerful Intel Core i3 and i5 instead of Core M. In the browser, the model works an hour longer.

Everything else remains the same. If you want compactness and just such a form factor, then it is better to take a closer look at the 2017 version: it costs from 39,000  R , but it will be better in key issues.

Macbook Air 2017

How much it costs: from 28,000  R
Who will suit: those who need mobile remote work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It holds a charge for quite a long time, but allows only basic work with graphic content.

Air is Apple's most popular laptop in the aftermarket. It is universal: suitable for browsing sites, sending emails, working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations. But the power is enough to edit photos or mount small videos in 1080p resolution without complex effects.

The display resolution of the Air 2017 is 1440 × 900, which means that even when watching a movie in 1080p, the pixels on the screen will be visible. Such a resolution is not enough by today's standards: high-quality content will look worse than it really is.

Another weak point of the device is cooling. Putting the laptop on your lap will close the fan openings. Then the system will reduce performance to prevent overheating.

Despite the dated display, the 2017 Air with an Intel Core i5 processor is still good for basic workloads. It is enough for simple work with video in programs like Adobe After Effects or with photos in Photoshop.

Another plus is more connectors compared to the latest models. You can connect two USB devices , headphones via a 3.5 mm wire, or peripherals via second-generation Thunderbolt, if you can find the right accessories. It also has a built-in SD card slot. Although this is not the most important thing in working with a MacBook, it can greatly simplify the life of photographers.
Air 2017 is the best choice not only for the combination of qualities. On Avito, it is sold more often than other models: in preparation for the material, at least 1,200 ads were found throughout Russia. But it should be borne in mind that in the five years since the release of the device, the internal components could wear out. Let 's say a good battery from China will cost about 5000  R. You can replace it yourself, you only need a set of screwdrivers.

Alternative. The 2017 model is the last Air in the old design. After that, Apple relaunched the line - with Retina displays and in a lighter and more compact body with reduced bezels. Retina is a marketing name for high-resolution screens where pixels are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

The 2018 MacBook Air is more expensive, there is no slot for SD cards and flash drives, a separate Thunderbolt 2. Instead, they are USB-C combo ports with Thunderbolt 3, for which you will have to buy adapters. The model can be found on Avito from 40,000  R  - more expensive, but a high-resolution screen with reduced frames, as well as an enlarged trackpad with Force Touch vibration feedback can justify such a price.

MacBook Air on M1, 2020

How much: from 85 000  R
Who will suit: a good choice for most tasks that do not require work with complex graphics. It will be supported for a long time, which means that the device remains a universal solution for different needs.

In 2020, the already updated Air was the first to receive the Apple M1 processor. The laptop has become more productive and energy efficient: it copes with serious tasks better and lasts longer. Also, the laptop became silent: the new processor made it possible to abandon active cooling with a fan.

In terms of battery life, the Air M1 bypasses not only Windows laptops, but also past Apple solutions. You can work with it all day, and there will still be 20-30% of the charge left.

The 2020 model has inherited the Air 2018 body. Compared to the 2017 generation, the device has become more compact, and the display diagonal has remained the same . Now this is a Retina screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1600. You can watch and work with content, although not in 4K, but in high quality.

For most users, the Air M1 is the best Macbook you can buy on Avito. It is versatile, copes with many tasks and at the same time combines high autonomy and the latest Apple technologies. If Intel-powered Macbooks stop receiving macOS updates in the next few years, then Air on M1 will definitely be supported for a long time.

Macbook Pro 13" 2017

How much it costs: from 50 000  R
Who is suitable for: those who are just learning or are going to master development with machine learning, video editing or photo retouching.

Suitable for creating video, graphics, animation and working with large amounts of data. Due to the cooling system and battery, it is heavier and larger than the MacBook Air.

I considered the version without the Touch Bar: firstly , such a MacBook is cheaper, and secondly , over the years, there has not been a worthy application for it. Therefore, in the latest 2021 MacBook Pro models, the Touch Bar was completely abandoned.

This MacBook was produced with screens of two sizes: with a diagonal of 13 and 15 inches. The younger model of the MacBook Pro is not as productive, but more mobile. She only has integrated graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 and 8 GB of RAM: this is enough for the first stages of immersion in the profession of a motion designer, photographer or smm.

The main problem with these models is the butterfly keyboard. It caused inconvenience to those who bought devices when they first appeared on sale, and may be a reason to refuse to buy a laptop now.

MacBook Pro is often used as a desktop computer, so the battery life is not so critical: in this situation, the device is located near the outlet. At the time of release, this model could work 10 hours on a single charge, but  it is unlikely that such results should be expected from a five-year-old device. During this time, the battery could wear out, and the programs became more demanding and consumed the charge faster.

This MacBook will not work with heavy graphics or play demanding games. But it is suitable for teaching editing or professional work with photography. A screen with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 transmits "millions of colors", so there will be no difficulties with content processing.

However, the display has a problem. In the MacBook Pro, released in  2016-2017 , there is a factory defect called Flexgate: due to the  raising and closing of the laptop lid, the cable connecting the screen and the bottom of the case wears out until the display backlight turns off completely. When buying, pay attention to the year of manufacture of the device. You can do this through the Apple site.
Alternative. In 2019, Apple released an updated version: it can also be found on sale, but much more expensive - for 80,000  R. In many ways, they are similar to each other, but the butterfly keyboard has been updated to the third generation. It still breaks, like all versions before it, but it still happens less often. According to synthetic tests, the 2019 version shows up to 83.4% performance gain compared to the 2017 model.

Macbook Pro 15" 2017

How much it costs: from 86,000  R
Who will suit: those who work with graphics. 3D modeling requires a more powerful, discrete graphics card, which is installed here. Complex editing and color grading will also be performed better with a full-fledged GPU.

The laptop weighs almost two kilograms, but can become a real mobile office. The dimensions allowed engineers to install more powerful components and an improved cooling system.

15-inch models are considered the most productive in the line of Macbooks. They have full-fledged video cards installed, and not just integrated graphics: with them, the MacBook will not slow down when processing animation or 3D.

On sale you can find complete sets with powerful Intel Core i7 processors, which received a performance increase every year, as well as AMD Radeon Pro 555 graphics with 2 GB or Radeon Pro 560 with 4 GB of video memory. The power of the GPU is enough for narrowly focused tasks: editing long and complex videos, 3D modeling.

Processing images and videos is faster thanks to 16 GB of RAM. It cannot be expanded, but this volume is enough for Adobe, Cinema 4D and others.

The 2017 model is available only with the Touch Bar, and all ports in it have been replaced with Thunderbolt 3 compatible USB -C. USB-C adapters are required to connect external devices or memory cards.

Alternative. Among other 15-inch MacBook Pro models, the 2015 Core i7 version is the most popular. Due to  the earlier year of manufacture, it costs from 55,000  R , but it works about the same . They are very different in appearance due to the  old square case. The 2015 version has a screen almost twice as dimmer, weaker processors, and a not-so-modern AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics card with 2 GB of video memory.

It also has all the classic ports: two Thunderbolt 2 ( up to 20 Gb / s ), two USB 3 ( up to 5 Gb / s ), HDMI, 3.5 mm headphone output, slot for SDXC memory cards. This is the basic model for those who work with simple graphics. For professionals with serious projects, its capabilities are unlikely to be enough - there are faster and more powerful devices on the market.

Also on the secondary market you can find a 16-inch version with a Core i9 processor, which is still popular with professionals. It will cost about 250,000  R. The new 14-inch and  16-inch models on the M1 Pro and M1 Max are even more expensive. Therefore, if you want a more powerful MacBook Pro, it is better to take a closer look at the 13-inch version with the M1 processor, which can be found on Avito from 100,000  R.

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