Free 3d video Maker

Free 3d video Maker

Free 3d video Maker

Free 3D Video Maker is a program for creating 3D videos using the anaglyph method. The application is completely free, has a simple and intuitive interface, supports the Russian language. Free 3D Video Maker runs on Windows operating systems starting from XP SP2.


Free 3D Video Maker is essentially an AVI video file converter. The application converts the input AVI file by applying one of the four available filters to it:

  1. Red-cyan (turquoise) anaglyph. A standard 3D video format for viewing with anaglyph (3D) glasses.
  2. Dark anaglyph. The main difference from the red-cyan anaglyph is a darker image, which is achieved by "kneading" black into the image in different proportions.
  3. Gray anaglyph. This filter allows you to create a three-dimensional black-and-white videos.
  4. Optimized anaglyph. This format is a direct "successor" of the usual red-cyan anaglyph, but with brighter pronounced colors. The use of this filter requires a lot of computing power of the computer.

As input (video), Free 3D Video Maker allows you to add either one or a couple of videos. If one video file is used, the program divides it into two parts, one (left) of which will be superimposed with a red filter, and the other (right) with a turquoise one. In this case, the user needs to adjust the time shift of one part of the video relative to another.

The best result is obtained when using a pair of identical videos shot with two cameras from different angles (with a slight horizontal shift of one camera relative to the other). However, this is difficult for ordinary users, and therefore the function of creating 3D video from a single file was provided.

Thus, Free 3D Video Maker will allow you to create a three-dimensional 3D video in the most common formats for several types of anaglyph 3D glasses.


Free 3D Video Maker provides the ability to select the video codec that will be used to format the incoming video file. A total of 16 codecs are available to choose from, including MPEG-4 V1/2/3, XviD, DivX, Lagarith, and others.

Also, if necessary, the user can convert only part of it into a volumetric video by moving the corresponding sliders.


Free 3D Video Maker only works with AVI video files created using MPG-4 DivX 5.0.5 Codec (DIVX). That is, if an AVI video was created using a different video codec, the program will most likely give an error when trying to add it for processing.

If the source file does not meet the requirements, you can use any video conversion program that supports the appropriate codec.

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