best saas books


best saas books

Best Saas Books

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  • "IT Service Automation for Dummies"

    FNT GmbH and author Patrick Büch presented the new book "IT Service Automation for Dummies". In the virtual and interactive live preview, Büch introduced the topic of IT service automation and explained why IT automation is a success factor for digitization and how it can be successfully implemented. The book is aimed at service portfolio managers, service managers, IT managers, CIOs, infrastructure managers, and all interested IT professionals who have always wanted to deal with the topic of IT service automation or are faced with the specific task of Successfully launching service automation in your organization.

At a glance

  • Development of a tailor-made cloud strategy

    Cloud Computing Native KMU - this is how the content of the new book can be summarized briefly and concisely: "Cloud Computing KMU - Guide for practitioners and decision-makers" by Ulrich Berlet, Düsseldorf, published by tradition Hamburg (also as an e-book version). All aspects of this modern information technology are considered here exclusively from the perspective of small and medium-sized companies. Freelancers and start-up companies are also considered. The basics, security concepts, operational data management, technological environment, cloud computing initiatives, and the many useful helpers from the Internet are presented.


01/11/17 - New book release: Cloud Computing KMU

02/15/16 - "Building a Modern Data Center” explains new data center technologies to IT managers 09/11/15 - Literature tip: Revision of the procurement of special services - consulting, marketing, IT outsourcing and Cleaning 12/02/14 - Crisp Research and Pironet NDH publish the first PaaS compendium for the German market 11/05/13 - Literature tip: "Cloud Computing: Flexible services for companies, strategies and methods, solutions and practical examples, legal pitfalls" 02/18/13 - The book provides guidance and practical advice for CIOs looking to use IT to innovate within their organization

01/09/13 - Literature tip: Making IT service quality measurable - The itSMF evaluation model for IT services

07/09/12 - Literature tip: Five essential contradictions that customers and companies are confronted with 06/22/12 - Literature tip

: Management of complex IT Projects - Practical approaches to the cloud, outsourcing, and standardization

projects 06/06/12 - Literature tip: What you need to know about service level management

12/05/11 - Literature reference: "Way to the cloud" is intended to give managers and entrepreneurs the necessary know-how to convey

11/17/11 - Specialist book conveys collected practical experience from model-based SOA projects

02/11/11 - Book tip: Cloud Computing - New options for companies

11/15/10 - Updated new edition: TDS manual for "HR Business Process Outsourcing"

06/17/10 - IT Service Management is increasingly organized according to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

01/19/10 - Service Level Management: Too demanding for public administration?

10/23/09 - IT Service Management Processes: What are the differences between ITIL V2, ITIL V3, and ISO20000?

06/16/09 - An anthology gives an insight into the world of SaaS, presents tried-and-tested solutions, and deals with the legal framework

12/09/20 - Methods and concepts in service and infrastructure management

Messages: Specialist books

  • Software-defined data centers

    In partnership with Atlantis Computing, data center professionals Scott D. Lowe, David M. Davis, and James Green have presented the book Building a Modern Data Center: Principles and Strategies of Design. It offers practical advice on how emerging technologies, such as hyper-convergence, software-defined data centers, and cloud computing technologies, can be used to create agile, affordable, and highly available infrastructures to meet the challenges organizations face today. The book is not only based on the experiences of the authors: Data from a survey of more than 1,200 IT professionals from 53 countries form the basis of the 262-page work, which is both a journey into the history of data centers and a guide to provide new IT services.

  • Recommended for purchase

    Procurement processes for special services are not always routine processes in companies and institutions. They also require specific know-how and a procedure tailored to the respective topic. A solution that does justice to the special nature and economic importance of these procurement issues to the advantage of the company can only be achieved through close cooperation between the specialist department and purchasing, which contribute their respective specialist knowledge.

  • Vendor-neutral compendium on PaaS

    In order to give software providers and users as well as IT providers and market observers a comprehensive overview of the status quo of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology, the consulting firm Crisp Research AG and the Cancom subsidiary Pironet NDH have announced that they have now published the first PaaS compendium for the German market. Under the title "Platform as a Service - Strategies, Technologies, and Providers", the authors Dr. Carlo Velten and René Büst from Crisp Research present 68 pages of current knowledge about the technology and its effects on the IT world and other sectors of the economy. The entire compendium is available free of charge at

  • Cloud computing services and value creation

    In light of the increasing digitization of the business world, the dynamics of the markets, and changes in IT user behavior, flexible, scalable, and secure information technology is necessary. Cloud computing, with its various facets, is increasingly becoming an alternative in the IT sourcing mix for companies. This second edition of "Cloud Computing: Flexible Services for companies - strategies and methods, solutions and practical examples, legal pitfalls" deals with the Authors with the questions: How do cloud computing services contribute to value creation in companies? How can they be introduced in companies taking into account IT governance, integrated and used? Where are the opportunities and challenges? The explanations are supported by numerous practical examples.

  • "The Innovative CIO": Practical tips for CIOs

    CA Technologies has released a new book through its in-house CA Press publishing house. "The Innovative CIO: How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Transformation" supports Chief Information Officers (CIOs) on their way to becoming innovation leaders and helps them to identify challenges associated with innovations at an early stage. The pragmatic guide offers valuable tips for identifying sources of progress and promoting the spirit of innovation within the company. There are also practical tools for evaluating, tracking, and measuring the success of the innovation value for the company.

  • IT service quality rating model

  • How can IT services be compared and evaluated? The trade association itSMF Deutschland eV presents an evaluation model with which the quality of IT services can be measured from the customer's point of view. The specialist book published for this purpose with a practical Excel tool has just been published by Symposium Publishing under the title "Making IT service quality measurable - the itSMF evaluation model for IT services".

  • Challenges in customer relationship management

    Today's news headlines reflect a growing unease in dealing with the connected world. E-commerce, social networks, and social media offer companies and consumers unimagined opportunities, while at the same time "cyber war", data theft, identity abuse, or intrusion into privacy present us with completely new problems. In addition, the human psyche is slow to keep up with the changes in all areas of life caused by digitization.

  • Reducing complexity in IT project management

    The authors of the specialist book "Management of Complex IT Projects - Practical Approaches to Cloud, Outsourcing and Standardization Projects" show the strategies and tools that are used to optimally get complex IT projects under control.

  • Optimization of service-level management

    More and more IT services are of business-critical importance. This makes it all the more important to ensure high quality through service level management. The new publication "Practical Service Level Management - Basic Knowledge, Implementation, Practical Examples" shows how it is possible to develop and manage resilient Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in practice.

  • Guide to cloud services

    What can cloud computing services do for my business? Everyone is talking about the cloud, but it is often difficult for decision-makers without much prior knowledge to figure out how cloud services can make their company's IT more economical. The new book "Der Weg in die Cloud" by EuroCloud, edited by Dr. Tobias Höllwarth, summarizes all the necessary information for the first time: Application scenarios provide initial starting points for use in your own company, and the volume also offers information on technical and legal aspects in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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